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      SPI Newsletter

      Russell IPM
      Queens Award
      for Enterprise.

      Russell IPM Ltd is proud and honoured to announce the receipt of the highly prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise 2012 for our outstanding achievement in International Trade.

      The award committee has specifically cited the exceptional efforts made by Russell IPM to educate, forewarn and assist in identification of the fast spreading pest Tuta absoluta across the Mediterranean countries over the past three years, a pest which has caused huge damage to tomato crops across the region.

      “It is a really nice surprise to us all. Overall it is a big recognition to the hard work of every single member of staff who contributed to this achievement. It is a big thank you to all of our international partners, without their valued partnership and confidence we would not be in receipt of such a prestigious award” Commented Diana Al-Zaidi, Marketing Director at Russell IPM Ltd.

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      From the start of the spread of Tuta absoluta, Russell IPM Ltd set up dedicated websites in five different languages to provide a platform to share experience and knowledge between those who work in the field and ensuring the professionals are better prepared for the arrival of this dangerous pest. Many seminars have also been specially organized in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

      “When we embarked on our campaign three years ago, we were only thinking about the substantial damage which could be caused to the livelihood of all those farmers around the Mediterranean. We just wanted to make sure that the word went around and everybody is well prepared. The Queens Award is valued recognition to all those who helped in the success of this campaign”, added Managing director, Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi.

      The Queens Award for Enterprise is the highest honour bestowed on businesses for exceptional achievement granted on the Queen's Birthday.


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